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Creatine F*d Me Up!

I felt like everything was going great. I had been keeping up with my workouts, I was working on my second week of sobriety, being consistent with posting on social media to grow Beautiful I am Colored. But I started noticing my clothes feeling tighter and not looser, so I was like, WTH?!

For a few days I racked my brain trying to figure out what I had been doing wrong, and then it hit me. I had run out of my normal pre-workout and started taking Marlon’s instead. Well, my first mind said, "I bet that stuff got creatine in it." And sure enough I go to look at the label and my suspicions were confirmed.

For those of you who don’t know, creatine is a supplement used to enhance performance when working out. I remembered from Marlon’s football days that he would get on swoll (slang for “big”) when he used to take it. Not only that, I had the nerve to also start taking CLAs (another supplement). I was so frustrated because my mistake cost me about a 2-week setback on my fitness goals.

Needless to say, I have since returned to my regular pre-workout and started feeling much better (less swollen) about a week after I stopped. Plus, I purchased a biometric scale which is AMAZING! I keep up with my metrics in a simple to use application on my phone.

The setback reminded me that it is important to always read the labels before ingesting new supplements (as if the word “ripped” on the front label wasn’t a big enough indicator, lol).

So I am in the gym or outside 6x per week with a goal of completing a minimum 10k steps ( which is why I have been sharing pics of my Garmin on social media). Recently, I also started back lifting weights, too. I feel so much better and find myself being more productive than I’ve been in quite some time, and for that I am thankful.

I hope you are also working on keeping yourself fit and healthy. And if you are procrastinating in your fitness/health goals and reading this blog entry, take this as a sign to start today.


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