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A collection of true short stories & motivational thoughts 

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Beautiful, I am Colored®

Beautiful, I am Colored, which doubles as a journal, consists of several short stories about the author's lived experience. Some of the stories are older from previous blog posts or journal entries, but all of the stories are true. Some of the stories are about traumatic experiences like childhood molestation and infidelity. At the end of each story, writing prompts are included because the author sincerely believes in writing out your thoughts and feelings as a form of therapy and healing. Beautiful, I am Colored is inspirational, motivational, and leaves the reader hungry for more stories.

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About the Author

Evelyn was born and raised in Memphis, TN and married her high school sweetheart at the age of 18. She is a self-proclaimed introvert turned ambivert and enjoys helping others.

Evelyn has been involved in community work since she arrived in Denver. Ranging in participation from the high school PTA board to being president of her neighborhood organization, connecting people to resources has been a passion of Evelyn’s for years and she sees her debut book and podcast as an extension to her service to others. It is her sincere prayer that the reader of these stories will find hope, faith, and inspiration.  

Previously, while serving as city council aide, Evelyn learned the importance of knowing who your local representatives are, and her experience helped to foster the desire to learn more about the law. In the spring of 2022, she will have earned a Master’s in Legal Studies from University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law. Additionally, Evelyn earned a Master’s in Secondary Education from Wayland Baptist University and a Bachelor’s in English Literature from the University of Arizona.

Evelyn resides in Denver, CO with her husband of 25+ years, has four adult children, and one grandson. When she’s not inspiring others, she loves to spend time in isolation as well as quality time with family and friends.

You can connect and engage with her on Instagram under the handle beautifuliamcolored as well as through her weekly podcast available on Google, Spotify/Anchor FM, and Apple platforms.  

Remember the future you is waiting on you!



"I had a painful feeling and tears in my eyes when I heard the pain you have suffered since your childhood. But then all I found in your voice was strength, bravery, and wisdom. Dear Evely, it is my true pleasure to know you and hear your story." ~ Ehsan

"What a powerful powerful testimony and book.I can't wait to hold your book in my hands." ~Deborah

“Lovely and so vulnerable and brave. I thouroughly enjoyed listening to your words in your own voice. What a treat!" 

"OMG thank you for sharing your story. The layout is so perfect! It flows so well. Your stories are so deep but the fact that you are reading it in your own voice puts that special touch on it. It was so wonderful. I love the fact that you have the author's comments in between the short stories, I believe so many women will be able to connect and relate to you through that. I know I did, it defintiely allows you to think, heal, and release so much. I can't wait to hear more and follow along with you as you relese more details." 

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